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This fascinating 144-page hardback looks back on the life of legendary cricketer Philip Fussell who spent all his spare time pursuing game in his native West Country. Now aged 92, Philip’s story will delight anyone interested in fieldsports and the countryside.

Phillip became a brilliant shot at woodpigeon and game, shot clays for fun and won a world championship. However he has never shot a woodpigeon during their main breeding season. This was when he was fishing the Spey, playing cricket or shooting some clays – without really trying he won a place in the England team. Then when the season gets under way there aren’t many days when he isn’t either shooting partridge or pheasant. He also played cricket for Somerset and took up golf, at which he was almost immediately proficient.

His good humour combined with his exceptional ability with both gun and rod, has ensured long list of invitations. One admirer even treated him to a bespoke sidelock Beretta and made him an foc member of his shoot. Enabling all of this to happen, apart from his considerable charm, was his late wife Jane who ran the Steakhouse restaurant that our man had created in an old building on the family farm, a role which she enjoyed enormously.

Philip is still shooting to a standard which few of us could ever hope to achieve. It all makes for a fascinating read and is very nicely written with author Rupert Godfrey. Sit back and enjoy.

Format: 165mm x 240mm, 144 Pages

Binding: Casebound

Illustrations: Over 50 biographical images.


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