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Rachel Carrie’s new recipe book offers inspiration and promotes the beauty, diversity and honesty of game meat while dispelling the myths. The 35-year-old former vegetarian mum from Yorkshire who lives and promotes a field-to-fork lifestyle, shares 57 of the amazing dishes she creates for own family with this beautifully presented collection of her favourite ways to prepare, cook and serve game, simply, with love.

Rachel says: “I feel lucky to have been introduced at a very early age to the principle of hunting your own food. I want to share my field-to-fork lifestyle and dispel the myths that game is complicated to cook, hard to get hold of, or that game is, well, too gamey! I want to inspire others to bring game into their own kitchen and there’s never been a better time. Game is abundant, accessible, healthier and much kinder in terms of the environment and animal welfare. So gather your family and friends and fall in love with the honesty and diversity of game with a little help and inspiration from my book. Game is for everyone and so is my book. I encourage you to scrawl notes on its pages, tweak my recipes and create your own family favourites to pass down to your children.”


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