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Volume I • Issues I - VI

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Gundog Journal has been producing high-quality, relevant content for a long time, and our readers have been able to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge we have for gundogs, as well as benefit from the industry connections we have for even more expertise. To make sure no one misses out, we have the Gundog Journal Volume I Compendium, a beautiful hardback book with everything from Volume I: Issues I - VI in one place.

These volumes are no longer available as journals, so the only way to get access to this information is through the compendium. There are no ads and it’s a great addition to any book collection.

The Volume I Compendium: Your Guide To Gundogs

This is the finest quality gundog book ever published, and a true celebration of our relationship with man’s best friend. This case bound, hardback book will delight readers at nearly 2kg in weight and over 500 pages of the very best training, advice and comment from the first six issues of Gundog Journal reformatted as a book and completely advertising free. 

The Gundog Journal Volume I Compendium brings you the very best from issues I - VI of this market-leading publication, as a timeless finest quality reference guide.

The book includes:

  • Six sold out GDJ issues in one hardback book
  • A new order of six informative sections
  • Nearly 500 pages of timeless content
  • Premium gold gilt edging
  • Ultimate reference guide
  • No advertising

Gundog Advice And Knowledge With The Volume I Compendium

With the Gundog Journal Volume I Compendium, you can enjoy everything from Volume I: Issues I - VI in one place. This isn’t just a copy and paste collection, however. We’ve taken each of these six journals and collated them into one gorgeous, hardback book with a whole new structure.

This means that the information sits together, so whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in the right section rather than journal order. We’ve chosen six sections that cover everything in these journals for a better reading experience.

Section 1: Instruction & Advice

In the first section, we’ll be covering general gundog instruction and advice, with topics such as gundog breeding, getting the basics right, top 10 tips for picking-up, competition etiquette, and communication with your dog. This is just the beginning, as other pieces will focus on kennelling your dog, preparing for the season, understanding how dogs use their noses, and wildfowling dogs.

Section 2: In Depth Breed Profiles

The second section of the Gundog Journal Volume I Compendium will focus on some of the different gundog breeds, including Hungarian Vizslas, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Gordon Setters.

Section 3: General Interest

The expertise and articles from Gundog Journal covers a lot of topics, making sure every owner has access to the information to raise their companion as well as possible. Examples include what represents good value for a gundog puppy, how dogs can help your mental health, the 10 types of gundog owner, miles covered by your dog on a shoot day, how rescue gundogs can make excellent working partners, dogs for deer stalking and much more.

Section 4: Vet’s Corner

The fourth section of the Volume I Compendium looks at health and wellbeing topics to keep your gundog in the best condition. You’ll find information on vaccinations, eye problems, ticks and fleas, gundog physio, first aid on shoot day, and long-term health issues, such as dysplasia.

Section 5: Gundog People

We also look at some of the prominent gundog owners, diving in to get their insight and experiences to help you on your own journeys. You’ll see features on major championship winners, meet legends of the past and ambitious newcomers, and learn from people who refuse to let obstacles get in the way of their dreams. We also hear from dog lovers on their dog of a lifetime, such as Peter Glenser QC (Chairman of BASC), James Horne (Chairman of James Purdey & Son), Tim Bonner (Chief Executive of Countryside Alliance), Alistair Troughton (well-known Game Shot), and Roddy Forbes (captain of the Scotland Gundog Team).

Section 6: Reports From Competitions

The final section of the Volume I Compendium focuses on the competitions our companions compete in, with results and news from each event being covered. These include the IGL Retriever Championship, the Pointer & Setter Champion Stake, Summer tests, and the Game Fair Competitions.

No dog-loving household should be without a copy of the Volume I Compendium. Take Gundog Journal from the coffee table to the bookshelf with this stunning book.



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